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StudioPro Specs:

Mahogany body
"3D Coupling" neck pocket
Maple neck with carbon reinforcement
Choice of Maple, Bloodwood, Rosewood fingerboard
"Progressive Asymmetric" neck profiles
25.5" scale length
Tummy/Arm Contours
Hipshot Hardware
Jescar Fretwire
Pocketed Fret Slots
Custom Wound Pickups

3D Coupling
The best neck joint in the industry. Works on 3 diameters giving you 360 degrees of tone!
Machine Bolts
Not chincy wood screws. Longer service life, stronger more secure connection
Carbon Fiber Reinforcement
Increased sustain, no dead zones, ultimate response & reliability

Pocketed Fret Slots
Clean edges, more sustain, less adjustments
Progressive Asymmetric Neck Profiles
Anti-fatigue, lowers the barriers impeding creativity
...Just Doing What's Right
Because we care.


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