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Based on the guitar that in '62 Leo said was his crowning achievement. This modded and supercharged version of the classic blends everything we love from the original with refined curves, "3D Coupling," "Pocketed Fret Slots" and "Progressive Asymmetric Profiles." Guaranteed to take your playing to a new level.

The Finest Spec'd Instruments in the World!

3D Coupling
The best neck joint in the industry. Works on 3 diameters giving you 360 degrees of tone!
Machine Bolts
Not chincy wood screws. Longer service life, stronger more secure connection
Carbon Fiber Reinforcement
Increased sustain, no dead zones, ultimate response & reliability

Pocketed Fret Slots
Clean edges, more sustain, less adjustments
Progressive Asymmetric Neck Profiles
Anti-fatigue, lowers the barriers impeding creativity
...Just Doing What's Right
Because we care.

Configure Your Guitar

Body Wood:
Neck Wood:
Fingerboard Radius:
Fret Size:
Pickguard Config:
Pickguard Material:
Neck Finish:

Thoughts on Pickups
All of our touring pro's are using noiseless pickups. The DiMarzio's Area Set are popular. Zexcoils are the next gen of noiseless. They are HiFi and of note, they absolutely shine through high end modelers like the Helix/Axe Fx/Kemper Profiler. The house favorites are the Kingston Gold Foil pickups made by Roadhouse (pictured right). They feature a unique true single coil design that is extremely low noise. The tone is a marriage between a Tele bridge pickup and a P90, nice and round with a bite. Tons of mojo and handle high gain rock tones perfectly. Our custom wound 50/60/hot sets are comparable to the gold standard of single coil tone...can't go wrong.

Pickup Configurations

Thoughts on Configurations
The "set back" middle position came from our involvement in designing Supro's line of guitars. The original Ozark model that was sent to us had one pickup, pushed forward from the bridge position. Later guitars like the Ernie Ball Steve Morse model had a set back middle position also. Anyway, this spot may look a little weird, but it has a bit more sparkle than traditional middle positions. Great for biting rhythm tones and it's position is out of the way of most peoples picking sweep as an added bonus.

Control Layout



3D Neck Coupling Design Update

v8.x (Production 2016 - Current):

Same as v7 but with a 2.25" heel width. Progressive Asymmetric Neck Profiles got a tad skinnier. Also, part of the v8 revision, the necks match with a new ergonomic body heelblock for all models. Makes for a better access as the block is tighter with a contoured/beveled edge.

v7.x (Production November 2014):

Well, it seemed nobody likes necks as thick as what v6 could handle so we reduced the size of the heel block back to v5 dimensions. We left the v6 enhancements like deeper headstock break angle and tighter shelf along the edge of the body.

v6.x (Production February 2014):

Design Enhancement:
Deeper neck pocket and updated surface profile. Deeper in the center, very slightly shallower on sides.
  • Allows use of thicker profiled necks (ala boat necks)
  • Thicker stock is used on the necks, so the headstock surface is lowered allowing more break angle across the nut (ala Eric Johnson Strat®) virtually eliminating string trees
  • The heelblock shelf is tighter to the neck profile as well as the body contour (less protrusion from body) resulting in a tighter look

v5.x (late 2012 to February 2014):

Same is v3.x with updated dimensions. 2.225" at heel and 1.650" at nut.

v4.x (No Production - experimental only):

Trying out some new ideas and mounting techniques. Mostly insert related. Wood Screws, different bolt and anchor systems, etc.

v3.x (2012 Production):

v3 was our first real production run. Standardized the pocket shape on all models (S, T, XKE, etc). Improved the connection method with custom T inserts. (At this time we also started dialing in the Progressive Asymmetric neck profiles and are very similar to the latest profiles we offer.)

v2.x (Very low production):

Our first experiment into 3D neck coupling. Very good results. Very few of these on the street as well. Different bolt types were used on each subversion. About 10 of these are in existence.

v1.x (Very low production):

Our first 2 bolt method of neck coupling. Featured a flat pocket. There are around 7 guitars out there with this construction. Started with our Rock-Rite model and moved into the standard classics.

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