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Meteor Model

King of Beasts Model

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Progressive Asymmetric Necks

The next level of neck design allowing you to play longer with less fatigue, greater accuracy and stripping away the barriers of creativity. The shape evolves across the neck - rounder by the nut, and "progressively" more asymmetric towards the heel (shaped like a bass clef).

Asym Standard Profile

This is a medium-thin neck. It has the illusion of feeling skinnier due to the asymmetry, but it is a medium thickness and just a hair skinnier than an American Standard for reference.

Asym Classic Profile

This is our take on the 50's neck, but less cumbersome and "not in the way." As with the Asym Standard, it feels skinnier than it is and is a big boy neck that little hands can feel right at home on.

"I played the Leopard this AM and actually played it tonight at a party and I am absolutely floored - that guitar plays so nicely and feels so comfortable that I never managed to switch guitars . . . I play with some friends and we cover albums and tonight played Abbey Road and the Leopard Jr is phenomenal. This is just day #2, but that neck is sooo nice and plays so nicely that I do not foresee putting it down anytime soon."
-Eric T. (11/17/2013)

Pocketed Fret Slots

Some call this "blind" fret slots...either way, we started producing fingerboards this way to have a cleaner, more sophisticated look on the edge...but there are advantages.

Why Pocketed Slots are Better?

  • Cleaner look
  • Like an i-Beam, the fingerboard is stiffer = MORE SUSTAIN
  • Also, due to the i-Beam effect, the necks aren't as prone to seasonal adjustments = MORE STABLE

Carbon Fiber Reinforcement

This is an option on all models. You should get it.

  • Higher peak resonance and frequency response
  • Across the entire fingerboard, the resonance is more even - dead spots are unheard of
  • Set it and forget it. You could drive a forklift over the neck and it would still be in tune! Seasonal adjustments...LOL
Seriously though, don't drive a forklift over your guitar.

...Just Doing What's Right

Because we care:) In every aspect of production, we use the best materials and processes to ensure our footprint is as small as possible. We build our instruments to stand the test of time and hopefully, our instruments will outlive us and become family heirlooms.

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